We are a group of friends from Idaho with complementing skill sets (finance, engineering, design, and programming), who came up with a novel approach to invest in a socially responsible way. Our idea is to make socially responsible investing relevant and easy in today’s short term profit driven investing world.

We wanted to invest our savings in stocks, with clear conscience, by avoiding socially harmful companies like tobacco, fossil fuel and those companies that paid ungodly amounts to their CEO, while skimping on their employees. On the other hand, we wanted to invest in promising innovative companies, in cleantech, and those that provided opportunities to women. What was on offer from existing funds was quite disappointing. These funds had opaque selection criteria and some were gimmicky in promoting their Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) credentials.

We decided to throw the existing practices out the window and create GoodApples from a clean slate. We decided to create a transparent, empowering investment platform that is intuitive to use. If you have savings you are looking to invest in a socially responsible way, we hope you give us a try.


Adham Davlatov, CFA Co-founder, Business lead
Nikolay Mirin, PhD, PMP Co-Founder, Technical Lead
Artem Jegaline UI/UX Designer
Akbar T. Full Stack Developer