Premium Feature


Leverage your buying power to help you increase your returns. However leverage can cut both ways, so this feature is open to experienced investors with appropriate risk appetite. Our leveraging plans will be cost competitive within the industry. We intend to charge low financing rates, as well as intervene early to remind you top up before leverage moves get out of hand.

Fixed Income Investing

We will let you invest in Bonds of companies that you know. For example, if you are saving up for something serious and would like to minimize price volatility, then maybe Investment Grade bonds are better for you than stocks. We will let you invest in bonds of investment grade companies that you know: if you want to invest in Apple Bond, you will be able to do that by typing in "APPLE BOND ETF" and an ETF that only invests in APPLE bonds would come up. Normally you'd have to have several tens of thousands of dollars to buy bonds. With GoodApples, we will open up the world of single name Bond investing for you.